Group leader: Julio Isidro Sánchez - Beatriz Galindo Senior
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Our research utilizes cutting edge technologies encompassing molecular genomics, phenomics, physiology, pathology, statistics and breeding to research strategies that contribute to the development of superior crop varieties. Our focus involves genomic prediction and selection, association mapping and characterization of allelic diversity.

Current research projects

Oats for the future: deciphering potential of host resistance and RNAi to minimise mycotoxin contamination under present and future climate scenarios

This study aims to perform an association mapping analysis of hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L.) cultivars for resistance to mycotoxins produced by Fusarium langsethiae, by detecting genetic variants involved in the resistance using Genome-Wide Association (GWA) analysis. In addition, a screening of a wide range of heritage Irish oat genotypes for distinct gene expression profiles relevant to differential mycotoxin contamination profiles will be performed. Finding regions of the genome associated with resistance to F. langsethiae will highlight chromosome locations of the oat genome that could be used as hotspots for further studies.



A diversity panel of 190 spring oat varieties from the i) European Avena Database (EADB), ii) Nordic Genetic Resource Centre and iii) Irish heritable germplasm from the Virtual Irish Centre in Crop improvement (VICCI) will be used for this project. The panel represents cultivars from important oat producers in Europe.

INNOVAR- Next Generation Variety Testing For Improved Cropping On European Farmland (H2020)

Feeding an increasing global population in the face of global climate change is a challenge for the agricultural sector and governments alike. Developing new species with more desirable characteristics is critical, but so is its regulation. Creating the concept of high-performance low-risk (HPLR) varieties within the realm of value for cultivation and use (VCU) testing would help focus on this pressing need while introducing European harmonisation of VCU testing. InnoVar is developing tools and models to enhance current VCU and 'Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability' (DUS) testing practices by exploiting high-tech genomics, imaging and machine learning technologies. Next-generation variety testing will help countries and breeders focus on the challenge of feeding the next generations.


WHEATSUSTAIN- Knowledge-driven genomic predictions for sustainable disease resistance in wheat (Suscrop)

WheatSustain will establish a close collaboration among world leading experts on genomic prediction modelling in plants and animals, bioinformatics, wheat genomics and leaders in the field of plant pathology and host-pathogen relationships for stripe rust and FHB resistance in wheat. An interdisciplinary research team is established involving cutting-edge research groups from Norway, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Mexico, USA and Canada. Plant breeders from public and private breeding programs will take active part in the research by providing germplasm with phenotypic and genotypic data, take part in disease evaluations and test out the developed breeding methodologies in their breeding programs.



Representative Publications

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