La comunidad de Madrid subvenciona con un proyecto a investigadoras del CBGP y del CNB para mejorar la respuesta de las plantas a diferentes estreses:

La Comunidad de Madrid ha subvencionado con un proyecto coordinado de investigación de más de medio millón de euros a dos investigadoras del CBGP, Mar Castellano (coordinadora del proyecto) y Ane Sesma.


A research project of more than half million euros has been awarded by the Community of Madrid to two CBGP researchers, Mar Castellano (coordinator) and Ane Sesma, and to the researcher Carmen Castresana from the National Center for Biotechnology. The project will cover mechanisms that regulate protein synthesis in plants. It will also develop a new approach to improve the adaptation of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses using rice as a model crop. This project aims to exploit the biotechnological potential derived from their findings, and it will also constitute a breakthrough in the generation of knowledge and the development of new tools with biotechnological application.