El Dr. Jaime Iranzo se incorpora al CBGP (UPM-INIA) como investigador Ramón y Cajal

El Dr. Iranzo se incorpora al nuevo programa Computational/Systems Biology and Genomics del CBGP (UPM-INIA). El Dr. Iranzo ha completado una estancia postdoctoral de 5 años en el National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) del National Institute of Health (NIH; Estados Unidos). Su trabajo combina herramientas de genómica comparada y modelado matemático para estudiar la evolución de virus y microbios.


Dr. Iranzo has a transdisciplinary background with degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, and Physics. For the last 11 years, his research has been focused on understanding the major evolutionary and ecological processes that occur in microbial populations from a systems perspective, combining empirical data with tools from statistical mechanics, game theory, and network science.



Dr. Iranzo obtained a PhD in Mathematical Engineering at the Centre for Astrobiology with Dr. Susanna Manrubia in 2013. Afterwards, he joined Dr. Koonin´s group at National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI,  National Institute of Health (NIH), USA) for a 5-year postdoctoral fellowship. There, he acquired advanced skills in bioinformatics and comparative genomics that enabled him to study the effects of genome plasticity and virus-host arms races on microbial and viral evolution. The emergence of cooperative behavior in unicellular organisms, the inevitable rise and persistence of genetic parasites, and the role of selection and gene turnover in shaping microbial genomes have been central topics of Dr. Iranzo's recent research. He has also applied network analysis to overcome the limitations of classical tree-based phylogenetic methods, establishing a promising research direction for deep viral phylogenomics that has already drawn the attention of multiple research groups.



Since summer 2019, Dr. Iranzo holds a Ramon y Cajal position at the CBGP (UPM-INIA). In the coming years, he will explore the interplay of ecological and evolutionary processes in microbial communities. By joining the CBGP (UPM-INIA) Dr. Iranzo expects to establish collaborations with experimentalists and pursue research goals that would not be possible using only comparative or modeling approaches. 


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In the frame of the SO-CBGP strategic Plan, a novel Computational-Systems Biology and Genomics Programe has been launched, which will enhance the implementation of computational/genomics tools and novel research lines.

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