Dr. Isidro-Sánchez joins the new CsBGP, Computational Systems Biology and Genomics program with a Senior Beatriz Galindo position.

CBGP is pleased to introduce Julio Isidro-Sánchez a newly appointed senior group leader. His background is in plant breeding, crop genomics, and crop physiology. His Ph.D. was focused on the role of breeding on the physiological traits of durum wheat under Mediterranean conditions.


His first post-doctoral research was in Canada working with Dr. Ron Knox, Ron DePauw, and Danny Singh on the genetic role of Brassinosteroid to improve wheat biomass. In 2012, he joined Dr. Sorrells´s lab at Cornell University USA, where he was working on optimization of the training population on genomic selection. In 2015, he held an assistant professor position in crop science at the University College Dublin, Ireland.



Dr. Isidro-Sánchez has expertise in the implementation of genomics analysis tools and to apply them in breeding (genomics assisted breeding). These tools and knowledge establish links between desirable traits and variation at the DNA level but also accelerates the breeding cycle to bring new varieties into the market by the application of machine learning and bioinformatics tools to the analyses of big data. He is also interested in phenomics, crop water, and nutrient uptake and utilization, agronomic practices, and the development of molecular markers and their application towards cultivar development.


Since June 2020, he is Senior Group Leader at the CBGP (UPM-INIA, Spain), a position secured after an internationally competitive recruiting process, funded via the Severo Ochoa Award granted to the host institute. In the coming years, he will develop genomics and breeding tools that could improve breeding programs and the use of genetic resources, such as exploring genetic diversity in germplasm collections of crops and determine genome-compatible plant crosses to introduce new traits. Dr. Isidro-Sánchez seeks to establish public and private national and international collaborations to apply genomic assisted tools in plant breeding. Welcome Julio to the CBGP!


Dr. Isidro-Sánchez Research Publications:

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About CsBGP program

In the frame of the SO-CBGP strategic Plan, a novel Computational-Systems Biology and Genomics Program has been launched, which will enhance the implementation of computational/genomics tools and novel research lines. The mission statement of this program is to revolutionize plant and agricultural research by applying systems-level, multi-scale, information-driven and model-driven approaches to improving plant growth, enhancing productivity, and preventing disease.