Group leader: Mariano Perales - Assistant Professor
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Plant development is coordinated with the environment to maximize growth and survival. We investigate mechanisms of plant response to environmental signals with the potential biotechnological application in agriculture.


Hypothesis: “Periodic genes are the first layer of environmental surveillance that guides plant developmental transitions, growth dynamics, and stress responses”


Our Approach: We investigate the function and molecular mechanism of periodic genes in poplar tree model. We apply genetics (CRISPR/Cas9), genomics, molecular and cell biology tools on poplar model tree. We focus on poplar homologs to Arabidopsis genes with roles in:


  1. Flowering time regulators
  2. Circadian clock regulators
  3. Light signaling mediators


Funding by:

2014. RYC-2012-10194 Ramón y Cajal program-MINECO
2014. PCIG13-GA-2013-631630 -2013 - WINCLOCK - European Commission
2019. PGC2018-093922-B-I00 – REACTIOn - MICIU




Hypothesis: “It is possible to bioengineer or biostimulate seasonal bud break and flowering in perennials”

Our Approach: We look for seasonal regulators and metabolites that promote shoot apical meristem growth reactivation. We focus on differential expressed genes, proteins, and metabolites obtained through:

  1. Transcriptomic and methylome studies
  2. Proteomic studies
  3. Non targeted metabolomic studies
  4. Chemical screening
  5. Plant phenological and biostimulation assays


Funding by:

2015. AGL2014-53352-R- MoDorCre - MECYT
2021. ERANET Suscrop 2-FruitFlow - European Commission





Representative Publications

Gómez-Soto, D., Allona, I., Perales, M. 2022. FLOWERING LOCUS T2 Promotes Shoot Apex Development and Restricts Internode Elongation via the 13-Hydroxylation Gibberellin Biosynthesis Pathway in Poplar. Frontiers in Plant Science 12. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2021.814195

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