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Over a combined area of ca. 1,900 m2, facilities are available for plant growth in standard incubator-type, walk-in, and greenhouse (both standard and contained) chambers. Facilities are also available for photoperiod-controlled vernalisation, defined wavelength incubation, and in vitro culture:


Greenhouse facilities cover a total area of 1,200 m2. These include 13 general-purpose, insect-proof, remotely-controlled (temperature and radiation) 47 m2 chambers, and 5 40-m2 containment chambers (Plant P2) for transgenic and other containment work.



Adjacent to the greenhouses, the Plant Growth Facility (Laboratorio de Cultivo de Plantas, LCP) houses 542 m2 of plant preparation and manipulation labs (123 m2), including a plant inoculation and stratification rooms, as well as free-standing and walk-in plant growth chambers (350 m2 floor area).



The facility offers the following services to users: plant and seed production, transplations, staking, media preparation, fertilization and phytosanitary treatments.

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