Responsable: Rosa Adela Arroyo García - Investigador/a Científico/a CSIC-INIA 910679174 910679121 ( Lab 178 )


First truly portable system for simultaneous measurements of photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence, weighing less than 5 kg. Easy to use and highly intuitive. For advanced research that requires the measurement of photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, soil respiration and canopy assimilation. Four independent infrared analyzers for CO2 and H2O that offer fully automatic and independent control of CO2, H2O, temperature and radiation levels for the construction of response curves (eg fast photosynthesis/CO2 curves, light response curves ). Unlimited data storage. High speed CO2 ramp technique for fast A/Ci curves (in less than 5 minutes it is possible to build photosynthesis curves as a function of CO2 concentration). The unique Stored Diff-Balance feature allows for simplified data logging and direct processing in Excel. Range of available accessories includes: floor and canopy cameras, fluorescence camera.


The equipment also has an individual chamber for Arabidopsis plants in 11 cm diameter pots.


Responsable: Juan Carlos del Pozo Benito - Profesor de Investigacion INIA 910679176 / 910679126 ( Lab 178-180)


Portable Thermal Camera:
The FLIR E96 is our first pistol-grip camera with 640 x 480 pixel thermal resolution so inspectors can safely examine dangerous high-voltage targets and quickly diagnose electrical and mechanical faults. Interchangeable AutoCal™ lenses offer complete coverage of near and distant targets, and the laser distance meter ensures the sharp focus needed for accurate temperature measurement. The integrated FLIR Inspection Route function runs pre-planned routes to help inspectors stay organized when inspecting large facilities or multiple locations. FLIR Ignite provides automatic upload of E96 images directly from the camera to the cloud for easy and secure storage and sharing.

Responsable: Juan Carlos del Pozo Benito - Profesor de Investigacion INIA 910679176 / 910679126 ( Lab 178-180)


Teros 10 probe:
The TEROS 10 soil moisture probe is the basic soil moisture sensor manufactured by the METER Group company, a robust and reliable version.
The 70 MHz working frequency minimizes the effects of salinity and soil texture, improving precision in different types of soil and substrates.
With a body made of rugged epoxy, the TEROS 10 probe is designed to withstand the harshest field conditions and water intrusion.
Ideal for large sensor networks, it is sensitive to small volumetric water content (VWC) changes over the full range of soil water content.
The new design of the TEROS 10 probe makes it easy to install in any condition, from dry desert soils to very wet peat.

Responsable: Elena Ramírez Parra - Científico/a Titular CSIC-INIA 910679152 / 910679177 ( Lab 171 )

Porometer measures stomatal conductance of plant leaves.

Quick measurements with the SC-1 porometer
Stomatal conductance is one of the most difficult parameters to measure in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.
Accurate stomatal conductance measurements are obtained quickly and easily with the SC-1 Porometer.
The SC-1 Porometer measurements are based on steady state theory and a continuous process of research, improvement and development carried out by the METER Group team over the last 15 years.
Stomatal conductance is measured after placing a leaf in series with two known conductance elements (moisture sensors). By measuring the humidity difference of these humidity sensors, the flow of water vapor is known.
The leaf conductance values are calculated from these variables, since the moisture at three points is known: on the leaf and at the two moisture sensors.
Stomatal conductance measurements are obtained in thirty seconds.
It is necessary to calibrate the equipment in the field and whenever the environmental conditions during sampling change.
Calibration takes a few minutes. The SC-1 Porometer is a portable, battery-operated device that incorporates a simple user menu.
The equipment is light, has memory for more than 4000 data and allows downloading via cable (USB cable and management program included).
Readings can be recorded as conductance or resistance.

Responsable: Juan Carlos del Pozo Benito - Profesor de Investigacion INIA 910679176 / 910679126 ( Lab 178-180)


Plant growth chambers:
The platform has two chambers for growing plants, brand Ibercex, of 1200 liters each. Temperature control (-5 to 45ºC) and relative humidity (30-95%).
The cameras are connected to the internet to monitor and control conditions.


Responsable: Juan Carlos del Pozo Benito - Profesor de Investigacion INIA 910679176 / 910679126 ( Lab 178-180)


Data Analysis computer:
High-capacity desktop PC to analyze data and process images from the thermal camera. You have installed the FLIR Research Studio program for quantification of thermal photos. A scanner for plant phenotyping is also attached.