Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez joins CBGP to lead the group of “CELL BIOLOGY OF PLANT RESILIENCE”

Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez incorporates to CBGP from ETH Zurich with a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. Her research goal is to increase plant resilience to adverse environmental conditions.


Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez new  research group “Cell Biology of Plant Resilience” aims to understand the molecular mechanisms determining crop survival and productivity under environmental stresses. Her group uses cellular perspective approaches focusing and on the external cell layers: apoplast, cell wall, plasma membrane, and cortex. To study this topic, researchers at her group will combine last generation confocal microscopy technologies, proteomics, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. The group is particularly interested on plant resilience determined by root factors in response to biotic and abiotic stresses. Her current research line focuses on understanding function of the plant cell wall in response to vascular fungi that colonize plants through their roots, as Fusarium oxysporum. In the next few years, Clara´s group wants to advance the functional understanding of these processes, as well as to increase plant tolerance to root stress.


Clara earned her PhD at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and did a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology at Postdam, Germany. In 2015 she joined ETH Zurich (Switzerland) as an Assistant Professor, where she led an inter-disciplinary team working on the frontiers of biotic stress knowledge. From February 2023, Dr Sanchez-Rodríguez moved her group to CBGP, after getting financing support for her project DYNWALL from the prestigious grant ERC-Consolidator, in a highly competitive program of scientific excellence. This project has associated a singular infrastructure, namely a confocal spinning-disc microscope with a light diffraction correction hardware, that is currently in operation at the CBGP. This exceptional equipment allows in vivo visualization at the highest temporal resolution of highly dynamic processes (series xyzt) and imaging of lowly expressed proteins for minutes. The microscope includes a vertical sample holder that allows maintaining plant photo- and gravitropism.



About CBGP

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