Interviewed by “Unidad de Cultura Científica UPM”

Soledad Sacristán and Araceli Díaz, two CBGP Principal investigators have been interviewed by “Unidad de Cultura Científica UPM” as the female inventors of UPM.


Soledad Sacristán holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering and she is an expert in the study of the interaction between plants and fungi. Specifically, her research focuses on the study of endophytic fungi of Arabidopsis thaliana and aims to establish model systems to generate and test hypotheses about the general principles of this type of fungi. As a result of her research, together with other researchers, Soledad Sacristán patented and licensed a method to increase the production of flowers, seeds and/or fruits in plants that allows improving the growth capacity of crops.

Full interview - Inventoras UPM: Soledad Sacristán Benayas


Araceli Díaz Perales is a professor at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas (ETSIAAB) UPM and develops her research activity at the Center for Biotechnology and Plant Genomics where she investigates a more specific and economical diagnosis of allergies of plant origin.

Full interview - Inventoras UPM: Araceli Díaz Perales