Plant Science’s Contribution to fighting viral pandemics: COVID-19 as a case study

About the potential of plants for pandemics.


The contributions of researchers from different fields of expertise to the Research Topic about the use of plants in the fight against pandemics, including COVID-19, published by FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE and co-edited by CBGP researcher Fernando Ponz, together with other scientist from Barcelona (Spain) and Verona (Italy), have been reviewed and recently published. A number of different articles in the Research Topic have explored the very different opportunities that plants provide in this fight. They have been put together and analyzed in a Research Topic Editorial.


Original Paper:

Avesani, L., Ponz, F. 2022. Editorial: Plant Science’s Contribution to Fighting Viral Pandemics: COVID-19 as a Case Study. Frontiers in Plant Science 12. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2021.824440