CBGP research evaluation by the External Advisory Council (EAC)

Research activities of CBGP during January 2007- June 2011 were assessed by its EAC.


EAC is composed of five prestigious non-CBGP researchers, working on plant biotechnology and genomics.


Two new Principal Investigators (PIs)


The evaluation process started with the analysis of CBGP annual scientific reports, and their links to the strategic plan of the center for the next four years. This was followed by a 48-hour visit to the center, which included meetings with the different groups of workers, and personal interviews with current PIs and PI candidates.


The global evaluation has been quite positive. The EAC has made some proposals for the improvement of CBGP organization, which will be undertaken over the next few months. Two new PIs have been incorporated after their positive evaluation.


Efforts to attract economic and human resources


CBGP scientific reports state that the center has captured a total amount of 10M€ in funding coming from competitive national and international sources, and contracts with private and public organizations. This represents a 40% increase since its creation.



During this period CBGP has significantly increased its personnel as follows:


  • Permanent researchers: 34%
  • Junior scientists at the postdoctoral level with term (2-5 year) contracts: 123%
  • Doctoral students: 26%
  • Technicians: 106%


An important effort towards internationalization has been performed. Currently 7% of the permanent personnel, 37% of postdocs, and 10% of the doctorate students are not Spanish.


High quality of scientific papers


CBGP has produced 153 scientific publications in 2007-2010. Out of these, 18 are book chapters and 135 are articles in scientific journals, of which 129 are peer-reviewed and cited in the Journal Citation Report (JCR). A total of 12.5% of the articles were published in journals with an impact factor > 9.0. More significantly, 50% were in journals positioned in the upper 10% in its field. Some 80% of them were in the first quartile.



Translational research


Some CBGP’s scientific and technical achievements have been intellectually protected, giving rise to three patents granted or applied for, one per each research area of the center. A spin-off company was created in the period.