Presentation of the UPM’s Grade in Biotechnology at the CBGP, with participation of the CEO from Genoma España

50 students from different high schools in Madrid attended the presentation at CBGP. Three professors detailed the specifics of each of the routes that make up the grade: Plant Biotechnology, Computational Biotechnology, and Health Biotechnology Biosanitary.


In the presentation Jose Palacios, coordinator of the degree, introduced the general guidelines, and then three professors detailed the specific characteristics of each of the routes that make up the grade: Isabel Diaz discussed the possibilities of Plant Biotechnology, Pablo Rodriguez described the route of Computational Biotechnology, and Araceli Diaz presented the basic outline of the itinerary Health Biotechnology, which is being developed at present in view of its next validation by ANECA. Antonio Vallejo, coordinator of first-year professors, presented the results of the first semester of the grade. This was followed by a debate which addressed various issues raised by students regarding access and structure of the degree.



Presentation of the report of Genome Spain

At the end of act Rafael Camacho, CEO of Genoma España, presented the report on the Relevance of Biotechnology in Spain, with major socioeconomic indicators in the field of biotechnology and its impact on the health sector. The report highlighted the sustained increase in the volume of the biotechnology sector, also reflected the growth in the number and qualifications of employees in the sector. The event concluded with a tour of students CBGP facilities.