Presentation of the book Fundamentos de la Nutrición Humana (Basics of Human Nutrition)

The book by UPM Professors Emilia López Solanilla and Francisco García Olmedo, was presented in the main Conference Hall of the UPM School of Agriculture. It has been edited by UPM Press.


The book is an introduction to the basics of Human Nutrition. It is aimed to teaching in non-medical schools, such as degrees in Food Engineering; Food Science and Technology; and Veterinary Schools. The goal is to contribute to the training of those involved in food production, with respect to the needs and circumstances of the recipients of the products.


It also wants to be suitable for any educated reader interested in the topic. It depicts a panoramic view, which summarizes to content of the book. A detailed description follows about the different aspects: types of nutrients and their metabolism, groups of foods and food safety. The final topic is a brief essay about agricultural and food challenges over the next half-century.


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