Integrated pest management (IPM) from the standpoint of plant-arthropod interactions

Dr. Isabel Díaz, UPM professor and CBGP researcher, has co-edited with professor Guy Smagghe from Gent University (Belgium) the book: "Arthropod-Plant Interactions: Novel Insights and Approaches for IPM" in the Springer book series "Progress in Biological Control".


The book consists of multiple chapters by leading experts on the different aspects in the relationship between phytophagous arthropods and plants, the underlying mechanisms, realized successes and failures of interactions and application for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and future lines of research and perspectives. It includes new insights on the cross talk mechanism of interacting players derived on the availability of the current genomes of several insects and mites and different model plants.


The book tries to integrate all fascinating and newest information from different leading research laboratories in the world and with perspectives from academia, government and industry.


Arthropod-Plant interactions: novel insights and approaches for IPM. Smagghe G, Diaz I (Eds). Progress in Biological vol. 14. Springer-Dordrecht, Heidlberg, New York, London.


"Arthropod-Plant interactions: novel insights and approaches for IPM"