Six CBGP researchers are granted by the european programme Marie Curie CIG in 2012 to consolidate their research lines

The financial support aims to provide the researchers with the best possible conditions for establishing themselves in a long term research career


CBPG researchers Ingo Dreyer, Mónica Pernas Ochoa, Stephan Pollmann and Ane Sesma, new CBGP group leaders, have received all together €400.000 of funding (€100.000 awarded to each project leader) from the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (Marie Curie Actions: Career Integration Grants) to consolidate their research teams. Also postdoctoral researchers Miguel Moreno-Risueño and Israel Pagán who start their Ramón y Cajal positions at CBGP in the second semester of 2012 will receive each a €100.000 grant by this european programme.


Their projects, which involve working with plants and fungi, will focus on the way that plants, viruses and fungi grow and respond to their environment. Their research is linked to food security and will help to understand the ways that plants and associated organisms cope with climate change.


All proposals were judged by independent evaluators against the criteria of quality of the proposed activity and the scientific and/or technological excellence of both researchers and organizations. Furthermore only one in three proposals that passed all thresholds were funded due to budgetary constraints.