CBGP participates in EpiTRAITS, a high profile joint research & training network

Researchers of the CBGP participate in an European training network that will study the epigenetic regulation of economically important traits in plants.


A consortium involving laboratories and companies from seven European countries will study the biological processes that control the initiation of flowering and floral development. These processes are tightly linked to seed production and therefore are essential for the yield of cultivated species. The EpiTRAITS project will use multidisciplinary approach of molecular and cell biology, informatics and mathematical modeling to understand how chromatin changes influence the expression gene of flowering genes. It is also the aim of this scientific program to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research by translating results from research in model organisms to improved technologies for crop breeding. For that reason, in addition to the model species Arabidopsis thaliana, maize and barley will be used in this project.