Last September, CBGP has celebrated its 5th anniversary since its establishment at the new place within the Montegancedo Scientific and Technological Park of the Technical University of Madrid.


CBGP has changed significantly over these five years. Its initial 15 groups are now 24, working personnel has duplicated, public and private resources raised total about 18 M€, and publications and patents have kept growing every year. CBGP has largely contributed to Montegancedo’s recognition as a Campus of International Excelence.


It is important to highlight that CBGP’s activities in Montegancedo started approximately at the same time that the strong economic and financial crisis, which has struck strongly the Spanish R+D system. Consequently, we feel particularly proud of the figures above. All CBGP members are committed with a further improvement of the indicators over the next five years, hopefully in a somewhat less difficult context. Happy birthday to all of them!