Three CBGP business initiatives awarded by ActuaUPM

The business ideas presented by CBGP groups are based on allergen diagnosis methods and allergen detection in food, a multidisciplinary forestry biomass strategy, and the determination of economically relevant dioecious plants.


ActuaUPM is an UPM competitive contest fostering entrepreneurship within the university community. It addresses students, faculty and researchers and supports launching of new business initiatives.


About 1.000 people presented 350 business ideas to the XIth edition of the competition. At a first stage, 1,000€ prizes were awarded to the 10 most innovative ideas. Among them, the project DeTECTALLEGEN presented by Araceli Díaz Perales group (Molecular Basis of Allergenicity and Cross-Reactivity in Plant Food), which includes Cristina Gómez Casado, María Garrido Arandía, and Nuria Cubells Baeza. The proposal is based on allergen detection in food and on the development of allergen diagnosis methods through protein production and purification for skin tests and microarrays.



In addition to these prizes, 15 ideas with a high developing potential were awarded, two of them presented by CBGP groups: Luis Gómez promoted BIOMA-BIOTECH, a multidisciplinar strategy to improve provision, competitiveness and ecologic values of the forestry biomass. Simon Arragain and Alessandro Scandurra presented Female & Male Gene Plants Trust Company: determination of female and male dioecious plants that have economical importance.





The award ceremony at the UPM School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was chaired by Dr Luis Ramón Núñez, Director of the School; Dr Gonzalo León, UPM Vice-president for Strategic Programmes; Dr Roberto Prieto, UPM Vice-rector for Research; Mr Juan Cartagena, winner of the 2nd prize in the IXth edition of ActuaUPM; and Mr Diego Rodríguez Losada, finalist in the same edition.


At the following stage the awarded teams will be trained on marketing, finances, and legal framework to develop a business plan in order to become technology-based companies.