RNA biology in the fungal eukaryotic kingdom

Dr. Ane Sesma, UPM lecturer and CBGP researcher, has coedited together with Dr. Tobias von der Haar from the University of Kent (United Kingdom) the book: "Fungal RNA Biology" from the editorial Springer.


Sesma, A; von der Haar, T (eds.). 2014. "Fungal RNA Biology". Springer International Publishing Switzerland.


  • Comprehensive overview of key RNA-dependent processes regulating fungal gene expressio
  • Concisely presents the latest insights in the field, as well as remaining questions and future challenges in this area
  • Includes information from the most significant RNA database
  • Written by international experts in the field


It covers a wide range of RNA-mediated biological mechanisms in yeasts and filamentous fungi, including organisms widely used as models for general aspects of eukaryotic biology, and of great importance in industrial applications, medicine and agriculture. Despite the diversity of the estimated 1 million fungal species (saprophytic, parasitic and mutualistic), fungi share common features distinctive from plants and animals and have been grouped taxonomically as an independent eukaryotic kingdom. In this book, 15 chapters written by experts in their fields cover the RNA-dependent processes that take place in fungal cells ranging from formation of coding and non-coding RNAs to mRNA translation, ribosomal RNA biogenesis, gene silencing, RNA editing and epigenetic regulation.