CBGP project is a finalist in the third and final phase of the competition Actua UPM XII

A group of researchers led by Dr. Marta Berrocal -Lobo presented a business plan for N -cycle project.


Award delivery to the best business plans of the XII Entrepreneurship Competition UPM took place on December, 2th. This competition is part of the integrated program of the UPM Support Center for Technological Innovation (CAIT). More than 50 business plans corresponding to 446 business ideas of over 1200 participants were presented in the contest. A group of researchers at CBGP, led by Dr. Marta Berrocal, has managed to reach the third and final phase of the competition becoming a finalist. This same group was awarded with a prize to one of the best business ideas in the same program last March, 25th. The N-cycle project deals with biopolymer recycling for use in the production of low cost biostimulants and non-polluting organic fertilizers, contributing to plant growth and also to the maintenance of biodiversity and soil biomass.







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