A new approach for the generation and high-throughput detection of hydrogen-overproducing bacteria

The great interest for hydrogen (H2) as energy vector underlies research programs aimed to improving its sustainable biological production.

Antonio Molina, co-founder of Plant Response Biotech, awarded with the Best Performance Prize ‘actúaupm 2016’

The ‘actúaupm’ Program recognizes the performance of this start-up Company, which is contributing substantially to the development of a more productive and sustainable agriculture.

Permanent Research Position in Computational and Biosystems Biology

Position in Computational Biology is offered at the Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas (CBGP, UPM-INIA). All paperwork and requirements for this position (Offered Position Nº 99) is detailed in the attached pdf. Deadline: November 28th.

OBP4 regulates cell proliferation-and-differentiation balance and pluripotent cell formation

The group led by Dr. Juan Carlos del Pozo has found that the transcription factor OBP4 activates cell proliferation in differentiated pericycle cells. This activation promotes the formation of callus, a mass of proliferative cells in an undifferentiated state. This callus mass has the potential to regenerate functional organs or entire plant under determinate conditions.

Plant Response Biotech, best European Agricultural and Green Biotech SME

The Spanish company, a spin off from the UPM founded by two CBGP researchers, receives this recognition at the 7th edition of EuropaBio Awards for its highly innovative projects in biotecnology.

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