Three CBGP research groups develop business plans for their entrepreneurship ideas

The aim is that by the end of the year these initial ideas become in real business plans and potentially give rise to future UPM startups.


Genomics4All is a project created by the CBGP researchers Antonio Muñoz, Hugo Mélida and Laura Bacete. It aims at the creation of a service platform for the generation of genetic profiles and patterns, as well as the characterization of new varieties. This idea was awarded in the 2016 ActúaUPM competition, which delivered 10 prizes, 1,000€ each, to the most innovative ideas.



Empleatec is an entrepreneurship idea developed by the PhD students Beatriz Sánchez Parra, José Domingo Domínguez Figueroa and Marta-Marina Pérez Alonso. It is based on the development of a web tool to help in the employment of scientists and the improvement of their skills. It also promotes the collaboration with companies and research centres on the categorization and management of the candidates.

Your personal Web is a proposal by Adrian Garcia-Puertas (CBGP Biological Informatics group) focused on the idea that we are ready for a future where you control your own health information, and use it to personalize your own health decisions. Personalized medicine is usually driven by your physician; however, he/she is not there 24/7. You get much of your health information from the Web; however, the Web is for the masses. The impersonal health advice on the Web may be inaccurate, irrelevant, or even dangerous for you. Can we personalize your health-information browsing? Yes, we can! Increasingly, patients are taking control of their own health data – even to the point of sequencing their own genomes! By combining your personal health information, secured on your own computer, with dynamic text and data analysis assembled specifically for you and your health situation, we will change the way you consume health information on the Web. It will be explained to you in a personalized way, just as if your own physician was sitting beside you. You will, for example, be warned when a piece of health advice is known to be false, is not relevant to you, or worse, is dangerous for you! In addition, your physician can provide you with additional “plug-ins” describing his/her health plan for you, adding more personalized context to the information you are browsing. Take control of your own health by molding the Web to fit you!

During the upcoming months, an intensive formative period will follow. It will include workshops and seminars about marketing, finances or legal framework, as well as network mentoring and advising. The aim is that by the end of the year, these initial ideas become real business plans and future UPM startups.