Plant Response Biotech, best European Agricultural and Green Biotech SME

The Spanish company, a spin off from the UPM founded by two CBGP researchers, receives this recognition at the 7th edition of EuropaBio Awards for its highly innovative projects in biotecnology.


Plant Response Biotech, a spin off from the UPM, has been granted as the best European Agricultural and Green Biotech SME by EuropaBIO. It is the first Spanish company that receives this award that recognizes  highly innovative small and medium sized enterprises in Europe that have developed novel ways of meeting our societal, technical, and environmental problems through the application of biotechnology.



Plant Response Biotech is a Spanish green biotech company focused on searching for novel natural products that confer resistance and enhance plant responses to biotic and abiotic stress. With the aim of bridging the gap between early research and the market and bringing solutions to farmers in an efficient way, the company develops and commercializes products employed as preventive applications to crops. This approach enables a more sustainable crop production with minimum environmental impact by reducing chemical use, as well as other agricultural inputs which create residues.


Its innovative products and top scores from the jury make Plant Response Biotech the first agricultural biotech company to receive an award. This gives hope that Europe can still inspire innovative ideas in an area that has been so badly hit by a malfunctioning approval system.


Plant Response Biotech receives this award in a competition in which have participated 41 breaking companies from 13 countries. During a high-level event among biotech CEOs, Robert Madelin (Senior Advisor for Innovation to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker) awarded Cellectis from France, Oxymem from Ireland and Plant Response Biotech from Spain as winners of the competition in the healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotech categories respectively.


Plant Response Biotech was established in 2008 by two CBGP founder researchers: Dr. Antonio Molina, the present CBGP Director, and Dr. Pablo Rodríguez Palenzuela, supported by funds from F&F Capital Funds. Plant Response Biotech activities focus on the search of new natural products conferring resistance and improving plant response to both biotic and abiotic stress. Closing the gap between early fundamental research and the market, the company develops and sells products used as preventive applications in crops, thus providing new efficient solutions to farmers. This approach allows a more sustainable agricultural production and a minimal environmental impact, through the reduction of the use of chemical compounds and residue-generating elements.


Plant Response Biotech has been collaborating with UPM and INIA over the last five years in R+D+i activities of interest for all partners. The company helps researchers to find technological partners for R+D+i projects and collaborates in the process of transfer of technology developed and registered by them. It also sponsors activities of research communication to the public such as the CBGP Seminar Series, the workshop New Frontiers in Plant Biology and other events, seminars and scientific days organized by CBGP.