Antonio Molina, co-founder of Plant Response Biotech, awarded with the Best Performance Prize ‘actúaupm 2016’

The ‘actúaupm’ Program recognizes the performance of this start-up Company, which is contributing substantially to the development of a more productive and sustainable agriculture.



The award was presented by Dr. Francisco García-Olmedo, UPM Emeritus Professor and also a member of the Free Emeritus College and the Engineering Academy. Plant Response Biotech is a UPM spin-off, sprouted from the IV ‘actúaupm’ contest. The company has got important achievements along 2016, among which a major one is a 5.7 M€ investment led by Monsanto Growth Ventures, the investment branch of the multinational company Monsanto. It was also awarded with the EuropaBio Prize to the most innovative plant biotech SME. It is the first European company receiving this award, and the first Spanish biotech company awarded by EuropaBio.


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