Fernando García-Arenal, Senior Virologist Prize

The prize was granted after nomination by all plant virologists in the Spanish Society of Virology


The Board of the Spanish Society of Virology (SEV), in its meeting of April 3 2017, granted the Senior Virologist Prize to Fernando García-Arenal, professor at UPM and research group leader at CBGP. The prize was granted after nomination by all plant virologist in SEV, and it is the second time that this prize is granted to a plant virologist. The Senior Virologist prize is grated every two years in recognition of the relevance of a scientific and professional career. The prize is given at the next Spanish Congress of Virology, and the grantee must present the congress’ Opening Lecture. Thus, Fernando García-Arenal gave a lecture on the subject “Host range evolution, resistance breaking, and the control of viral diseases in crops” at the XIV Congreso Nacional de Virología, held in Cádíz, Spain, Junel 11-14 2017.



Dr. Albert Bosch, President of SEV, and Fernando García-Arenal with the Senior Virologist Prize at the wellcome reception of XIV Congreso Nacional de Virología.