CBGP participates in the first fertilization congress organised by ACEFER

Two CBGP (UPM-INIA) researchers attended as invited lecturers to the first congress organised by the Asociación Comercial Española de Fertilizantes (ACEFER) in Madrid.


The first fertilization congress organised by ACEFER was held in Madrid the 26th and 27th of September. ACEFER is an organization which groups together most of the companies commercializing fertilizers in Spain. Altogether ACEFER partners distribute 75% of the consumed fertilizers in our country.


During the congress, several lectures were delivered about the role of biotechnology in the development of new fertilization strategies and new products, such as biostimulants or plant-immunity modulators. Amongst the invited lecturers to the congress there were two CBGP researchers: Dr. Antonio Molina, the CBGP Director and group leader of the Plant Innate Immunity group, and Dr. Stefan Burén, posdoctoral researcher in Dr. Luís Rubio´s group (CBGP). Both researchers presented the last advances in plant immunity and development of nitrogen-fixing plants, respectively. Lectures by Drs. Molina and Burén in this congress highlighted the relevance of the research carried out in CBGP for agro-alimentary productive sector, and the impact it may have in providing solutions for the nutrition sector and plant protection, two of the bases of the centre strategic plan.


For more information: http://www.agronewscastillayleon.com/madrid-acogera-los-proximos-26-y-27-de-septiembre-el-i-congreos-sobre-fertilizacion