A CBGP paper among the Big Biology Breakthroughs of 2017

The work by Burén et al. (doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.6b00371) is considered as a turning point in the development of nitrogen fixing plants.


THE BIOLOGIST, a journal of the Royal Society of Biology, compiled a list of 11 papers delivering the biggest breakthroughs in all of Biology during 2017. A paper from Luis Rubio’s Biochemistry of Nitrogen Fixation group at CBGP was selected for its pivotal importance to the aim of obtaining self-fertilizing nitrogen-fixing plants.


THE BIOLOGIST states: “Significant steps were taken this year towards developing nitrogen fixation in key crop plants. Two publications this year showed proof of principle that nitrogenase and its associated catalytic proteins could be express in a eukaryotic organelle.”


In addition, the cutting edge nature of the work in nitrogenase engineering carried out at the CBGP has been highlighted in a recent Perspective article in SCIENCE entitled “Toward nitrogen-fixing plants”.



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