Environmentally sensitive molecular switches drive poplar phenology

The CBGP research group “Circadian and seasonal control group of growth cycles-poplar dormancy” together in collaboration with the “Seasonal growth control in perennial plants” research group from Umeå Plant Science Center describes the latest advances in temperature-related molecular sensors operating during the seasonal control of poplar growth-dormancy cycles.


Boreal and temperate woody perennials are highly adapted to their local climate, which delimits the length of the growing period and impacts tree productivity and geographical distribution. The environment dictates phenology by modulating the expression of endogenous molecular switches. This review outlines the current knowledge of these molecular switches in poplar and highlight certain genetic pathways which are affected by short days, low ambient temperature and cold-induced signaling. Moreover, the authors underline the function of temperature in modulating bud set and diurnal gene expression in poplar.


Original Paper:

Maurya, J.P., Triozzi, P.M., Bhalerao, R.P., Perales, M. 2018. Environmentally Sensitive Molecular Switches Drive Poplar Phenology. Frontiers in Plant Science 9. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01873