Engineering tree seasonal cycles of growth through chromatin modification

We summarized the major findings of the chromatin-remodelling role during growth-dormancy cycles and we explored the transcriptional profiling of vegetative apical bud and stem tissues during dormancy as well as discussed genetic strategies designed to improve the growth and quality of forest trees.


Modification of the plant epigenome contributes substantially to variation in plant growth, morphology, and plasticity. In temperate and boreal trees, several lines of evidence point to environmental-guided DNA and histone modification profiles as critical regulators of chromatin function controlling the tempo of annual growth-dormancy cycles. The genes mentioned in this study, involved in DNA methylation, RNA interference, chromatin remodeling, histone modification and transcriptional regulation of meristem growth and dormancy are interesting candidates for biotechnological applications in tree phenology.


Original Paper:

Conde, D., Perales, M., Sreedasyam, A., Tuskan, G.A., Lloret, A., Badenes, M.L., González-Melendi, P., Ríos, G., Allona, I. 2019. Engineering Tree Seasonal Cycles of Growth Through Chromatin Modification. Frontiers in Plant Science 10. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00412