Sabater 2021 Award granted to Javier Cabrera

We are pleased to inform that Javier Cabrera has been selected among other excellent applicants as the winner of the SABATER 2021 award granted for young SEBP researchers.

Javier Cabrera
 is a Juan de la Cierva Incorporation Postdoctoral Fellow at the CBGP’s Regulation of Lateral Root Development During Nutrient Deficiencies research group. His work has been focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms activated during the induction of de novo organogenesis programmes in Arabidopsis roots.

The closing talk entitled “Stress and development processes interconnected during de novo organogenesis programs in the root” on the 8th of July 2021 will address his work made during the PhD and early postdoc at Universidad de Castilla- La Mancha on the molecular clues triggered by plant parasitic nematodes to form a gall. Moreover, it will cover the topics related to the gene regulatory network underlying the formation of a new lateral root primordium research developed at the CBGP in Miguel Ángel Moreno-Risueño’s group.

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