1. Equal access to scholarships
  2. Equal access to representative governance structures: gender balance on all CBGP boards and funding panels.
  3. Equal recruitment and access to equal opportunities: publish gender-disaggregated data on promotions/appointments/funding, analyse practices in recruitment and performance review, and ensure the presence of women researchers on tender lists..
  4. Publication/authorship: collect data, analyse and publish statistics on authorship, promote women as reviewers, editors, administrators and funding agency committees.
  5. Recognise and reward excellence: nominate women for scientific awards and provide leadership in STEAM-girls actions to be launched and outreach activities.
  6. Mentoring programme for the professional development of young women scientists.
  7. Promote institutional policies of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and discrimination.


As a first step, an initial delegation responsible for this programme has been created. We call on the delegation, especially the male staff of the CBGP, to join the delegation as representatives of their groups in order to achieve a more egalitarian delegation. Likewise, we encourage all those who want to participate in this initiative, contributing ideas, participating in the activities that will be developed, etc....

Contact: genderbalance.cbgp@upm.es

The current members of the delegation:

María Garrido Arandia
María Garrido ArandiaUPM
President of the Implementation Delegation of the CBGP Balancing Gender Programme (cBGp)
Elena Ramírez Parra
Elena Ramírez ParraINIA
Group representative a) Researchers: Civil servant or contracted staff, teaching or permanent research staff of the UPM and INIA
Noemí Trabanco Martín
Noemí Trabanco MartínINIA
Andrea Sánchez Vallet
Andrea Sánchez ValletUPM
Representatives of group b) Professors or doctoral researchers hired by the UPM or INIA through an institutional programme for attracting talent
Daniela Gómez Soto
Daniela Gómez SotoUPM
Lucía Domingo Serrano
Lucía Domingo SerranoUPM
Bruna Fernanda Silva de Sousa
Bruna Fernanda Silva de SousaUPM
Patricia Fernández Calvo
Patricia Fernández CalvoUPM
Representatives of the group c) Researchers in training: Predoctoral and postdoctoral personnel
Ana Hernández Plaza
Ana Hernández PlazaINIA
Representative of the group d) Technical staff: Research and laboratory officers
Silvia Lozano Luengo
Silvia Lozano LuengoUPM
Group representative e) Administrative and service staff of the UPM or INIA, or of their foundations with their own purposes, and assigned to the CBGP (UPM-INIA)