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Awarded the accreditation as
Centre of Excellence Severo Ochoa


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Activity Report

The formation of the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics
(Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, CBGP)...


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Biosafety Plan

CBGP (UPM-INIA) Biosafety Plan against COVID19




 Workshop de 

Biotecnología Vegetal


 CBGP, 30/11/2022 

CBGP, 30 de Noviembre 2022 (presencial y online)
Inscripción para asistencia presencial y online aquí
(Zoom Link)
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 FPI Program Offer 

 INPhINIT 2023 

“la Caixa” Fellowship Programme Offer
The deadline for the application is 25 january 2022 at 2:00 p.m. (mainland spain time).

Latest News [+]

Ángel Goñi-Moreno awarded with the “Margarita Salas” 2022 research prize of Comunidad de Madrid
29 November 2022

The CBGP researcher,  Ángel Goñi-Moreno has been awarded with the prestigious Margarita Salas 2022 research prize from the Community of

A nanobiotech development with CBGP involvement gets a national award in México
23 November 2022

The work has been awarded with the Bionano Innovation Award: Science and Technology CINVESTAV Neolpharma 2022.

The CBGP (UPM-INIA/CSIC) researcher Dr.  Jaime Huerta-Cepas has been listed by Clarivate™ among the world’s most influential researchers in the Biology and Biochemistry research field
21 November 2022

Each year, Clarivate™ identifies in this group a select number of researchers who have been most frequently cited by their peers over the last decade. In 2022, fewer

Controlling electrical activity with phytohormones
17 November 2022

Cells convert electrical signals into chemical outputs to facilitate the active transport of information across larger distances. This electrical-to-chemical

How do leaf and floral primordia acquire distinct shape?
28 October 2022

A long-standing question in biology is to understand how organ shape emerges that ultimately determines its function. To address this question, we quantitatively

Alterations of plants-microbe interactions under environmental stress conditions
14 October 2022

The symbiosis of plants with growth promoting fungi comes at a certain price for the host plant. In this review article, we summarized the current knowledge on how

Using networks to design genetic circuits
06 October 2022

The transition from traditional molecular biology to synthetic biology increases the complexity of genetic designs. These are not just DNA sequences, but also

Two key components of the enzyme nitrogenase, which converts atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, have been produced in a major food crop
05 October 2022

Researchers from the Center for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (CBGP) – a joint research center established by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and the


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