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Awarded the accreditation as
Centre of Excellence Severo Ochoa


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Activity Report

The formation of the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics
(Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, CBGP)...


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Biosafety Plan

CBGP (UPM-INIA) Biosafety Plan against COVID19




 IV Edition of  the Workshop 

“Frontiers in Plant  Biology”

Registration deadline & abstract submission:
11st March 2024

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Plants use decoys to modulate responses against biotic stresses
22 February 2024

RIN4, a protein of the RIN4-like/NOI family, is a central immune signal in the interactions of plants and pathogens. In this study, we demonstrate the participation

Unravelling the role of HOP co-chaperones in the plant kingdom
21 February 2024

Researchers from CBGP uncover the role of HOP co-chaperones (HSP70-HSP90 Organizing Proteins) in the development and stress response in plants. Furthermore, the

Contrasting plant transcriptome responses between a pierce-sucking and a chewing herbivore go beyond the infestation site
20 February 2024

CBGP researchers reveal the transcriptional changes produced in the roots of plants when their aerial parts are infested with pests with different types of feeding as

Production and use of antigen tetramers to study antigen-specific B cells
01 February 2024

B memory cells are key players fighting infection, but also in autoimmune diseases. This manuscript presents for the first time a step-by-step protocol for the

Unveiling what makes the reactive oxygen species burst in plant immunity transient
30 January 2024

As plants respond to pathogens, an early burst of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is triggered, shaping immune defenses. These massive ROS production is transient and

Is evolution predictable?
26 January 2024

An international macro-study led by a researcher from the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and published today in Science expands our understanding of how the

CBGP (UPM-INIA/CSIC) will hold the IV Edition of the Workshop “Frontiers in Plant Biology” between April 17th-19th 2024
24 January 2024

Thirteen leader researchers from various international institutions of excellence will participate in the Workshop. They will present their scientific advances in

Plant Biotechnology and Genomics Centre (CBGP) welcomes two additional experts to its Translational Biology Advisory Board
18 January 2024

CBGP Translational Biology Advisory Board is integrated by distinguished experts in the fields of biotechnology, agriculture, entrpreneurship and translational


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