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Awarded the accreditation as
Centre of Excellence Severo Ochoa


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Activity Report

The formation of the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics
(Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, CBGP)...


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Biosafety Plan

CBGP (UPM-INIA) Biosafety Plan against COVID19




 “Ramón y Cajal”  


La Noche Europea de los Investigadores 2023

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Activity Report CBGP
19 September 2023

The latest activity report covering the years 2020-2021 is now available. It includes the activities of the center carried out in various areas. Check out the CBGP

New genes for a sustainable agriculture: Increasing resilience to Nitrogen deficiency in cultivated tomato
18 September 2023

High-quality crop production with minimal fertilizer inputs is a key goal for the agriculture of the future. Globally, tomato is one of the most important vegetable

Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez joins CBGP to lead the group of “CELL BIOLOGY OF PLANT RESILIENCE”
25 July 2023

Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez incorporates to CBGP from ETH Zurich with a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. Her research goal is to increase plant resilience to adverse

A comprehensive meta-analysis reveals the key variables and scope of Seed Defence
21 July 2023

Researchers from CBGP prove through a meta-analysis the efficacy of seed defence priming as a crop protection tool against pathogens and pests, deciphering the range

Jasmonate-derivatives modulate plant defences against phytophagous mites
18 July 2023

Jasmonates are essential modulators of plant defences but the role of JA-derivatives has been scarcely studied, particularly in the plant-pest interplay.

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology recognizes the work of the CBGP Plant allergens group
03 July 2023

The CBGP PhD Student Jose Luis Resuela-Gonzalez has been awarded at the Annual Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) held in

Forging a symbiosis: transition metal delivery in symbiotic nitrogen fixation
22 June 2023

This review work summarizes the most recent advances in our understanding of how iron, copper, zinc, and molybdenum are transferred to the endosymbiotic

Hydrogen peroxide and calcium ion form circuits that amplify plant stress responses
16 June 2023

Torres and Berlanga propose in a recent Spotlight article published in Molecular Plant that hydrogen peroxide forms, together with the calcium ion, several


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