Elena Caro


Elena Caro is an expert in plant gene expression. She has dedicated her career to the study of gene regulation in model plants, with specific interest on epigenetics, leading to publications in first class journals. She did her PhD in Crisanto Gutierrez's lab at the Centro de Biología Molecular "Severo Ochoa" and after a postdoc in the University of California-Los Angeles with Steve Jacobsen, she was recruited by the UPM through the Ramon y Cajal Program. Currently, she is a Tenured Professor focused on the study of transgene expression control in model plant systems and staple crops. One of her main interests is understanding the mechanisms that mediate transgenes silencing and the signals leading to their recognition. The results of her work so far have explored the effect of terminator and genetic insulators usage in transgene heritable silencing. She is also interested in exploring gene synthetic design parameters to optimize transgene expression and is involved in an applied biotechnology project led by Prof. Luis Rubio (UPM) to investigate the transfer of bacterial nitrogen fixation genes to plants. This research program, for which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded funding of $5 million between 2016 and 2020, aims to obtain cereals with minimum requirements of nitrogen fertilizers that will produce higher and more consistent returns on their crops. For more information.

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