Carlos del Pozo


He studied Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid (1986-91). In 1996 he obtained the PhD by the same University, working on plant responses to phosphate starvation, Thesis supervised by Javier Paz-Ares and Alicia de la Peña. He carried out a postdoctoral stay in the laboratory of Mark Estelle (Indiana University at Bloomington, USA) working on auxin responses and protein ubiquitylation. He also did a second postdoctoral stay, as Ramon y Cajal researcher, at the CBM-CSIC, working on plant cell division in Crisanto Gutierrez´s lab. In 2003, he joined the INIA as permanent staff (research associate), initiating his current research line: “Root development and responses to nutrient deficiencies”. Recently, in 2017, he has been promoted to Research Professor in the INIA and has been Deputy Director of Scientific Programs in the CBGP from 2016 until now. For more information.

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