Fernando Ponz


Dr. Fernando Ponz is a Research Professor leading the group of Plant Virus Biotechnology at the CBGP. A graduate in Biochemistry by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid), he completed his Doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1984, under the supervision of Prof. Francisco García Olmedo of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The research in this period was centered on the molecular biology of defense proteins from cereal seeds. His doctorate was followed by a postdoctoral stay at the University of California (Davis, USA) working on plant viruses under the supervision of Prof. George Bruening, a topic he has been working on ever since. He has been leading his research group since 1988, with a sabbatical stay at Montana State University. For years, he served as INIA’s representative in front of national and international organizations such as scientific platforms (EPSO, at the European level), OECD, and others.

An author of over 100 scientific papers, the work on plant viruses has covered many aspects ranging from the molecular intimacy of the interaction with the plant host, resistance mechanisms, variability, sensitive diagnosis, impact on plant development, etc. Along the last two decades the main research effort in the group has progressively shifted towards the biotechnological and nanobiotechnological developments of plant viruses for their application in many different areas. A patented development of the group gave rise to the spin-off company Agrenvec in 2000, a company producing high-value proteins in plants with viral vectors, now selling its products in many countries around the world.

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