VEGADAPT (2019 - 2022)

EU Project PRIMA


Adapting Mediterranean vegetable crops to climate change-induced multiple stress. ;    Twitter deletes millions of accounts and turns off original ... @vegadapt 

Climate change is inducing severe limitations to vegetable crops in the Mediterranean, due to severe, often concurrent (multiple) stresses, in particular drought, heat, and salinity. VEG-ADAPT gathers farmers, industry, and research from eight Mediterranean countries, with the shared scope of increasing the tolerance of three major vegetable crops (tomato, pepper, and melon) to stress induced by climate change in this area. To this aim, VEG-ADAPT will follow three parallel and integrated lines of research: characterization and selection of tolerant local varieties and new hybrids, discovery of physiological processes contributing to tolerance and of the underlying genetic patterns and markers, and optimization of cropping management techniques reducing susceptibility to climate change-induced stress.

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