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Multiplex plant hormone analytics

It is well-known that phytohormones play an important role en orchestrating plant responses towards their ever-changing environment. In particular the interplay of stress-related plant hormones, such as jasmonic-, salicylic-, and abscisic acid has attracted plenty of interest over the past years. In order to be able to assess the sophisticated plant hormone crosstalk in plant stress responses, a simultaneous assessment of the corresponding hormones in minimal tissue amounts is a likewise pivotal and challenging task. In the presented book chapter, we share our method of analyzing acidic plant hormones in small tissue amounts by gas chromatography-tande mass spectrometry in all necessary detail, so that it can be adapted by other laboratories that possess the required equipment.


Original Paper:

Pérez-Alonso, M.-M., Ortiz-García, P., Moya-Cuevas, J., Pollmann, S. 2021. Mass Spectrometric Monitoring of Plant Hormone Cross Talk During Biotic Stress Responses in Potato (Solanum tuberosumSolanum tuberosumL.), in: Dobnik, D., Gruden, K., Ramšak, Ž., Coll, A. (Eds.), Solanum Tuberosum: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer US, New York, NY, pp. 143–154. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-1609-3_7

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