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Excessive accumulation of the auxin precursor IAM hampers embry devepment in Arabidopsis

Members of the Pollmann Lab recently demonstrated that alterations of endogenous auxin levels have profound impacts on embryo- and seed size, which represents an agriculturally important trait. The accumulation of the IAA precursor IAM in the double mutant ami1 rty exerts a growth inhibiting effect and compromises embryo development.


Original Paper:

Sánchez-Parra, B., Pérez-Alonso, M.-M., Ortiz-García, P., Moya-Cuevas, J., Hentrich, M., Pollmann, S. 2021. Accumulation of the Auxin Precursor Indole-3-Acetamide Curtails Growth through the Repression of Ribosome-Biogenesis and Development-Related Transcriptional Networks. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22, 2040. DOI: 10.3390/ijms22042040

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