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Determination of the domains of Turnip mosaic virus coat protein indispensable for the formation of the viral particle

The exploitation of plant viral particles as nanoparticles useful in biotechnology demands an extensive structural knowledge of the particles themselves. This information allows the design of synthetic biology strategies for their modification as adapted carriers of foreign peptides, proteins, or molecules of biotechnological interest. This work identifies those domains in the coat protein of Turnip mosaic virus that are dispensable for particle formation. These domains can now be replaced by other proteinaceous molecules.


Original Paper:

Yuste-Calvo, C., Ibort, P., Sánchez, F., Ponz, F. 2020. Turnip Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Deletion Mutants Allow Defining Dispensable Protein Domains for ‘in Planta’ eVLP Formation. Viruses 12, 661. DOI: 10.3390/v12060661

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