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The standardization of synthetic biological systems

The design and implementation of synthetic biological systems is a very active field. A formidable challenge is the standardization of components, processes and information. Only then, what is now a (very advanced) bricolage will turn into an engineering discipline. Here, we analyze this challenge in detail, and draft an agenda to follow for the standardization of biological systems.


Original Paper:

Beal, J., Goñi-Moreno, A., Myers, C., Hecht, A., de Vicente, M. del C., Parco, M., Schmidt, M., Timmis, K., Baldwin, G., Friedrichs, S., Freemont, P., Kiga, D., Ordozgoiti, E., Rennig, M., Rios, L., Tanner, K., de Lorenzo, V., Porcar, M. 2020. The long journey towards standards for engineering biosystems. EMBO reports e50521. DOI: 10.15252/embr.202050521

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