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Identification and functional analysis of MADS12, a gene involve in the reactivation of growth after winter in trees

Perennial trees in temperate regions require a good adaptative capacity which let them synchronize the growth-dormancy cycles with environmental conditions. To investigate these processes, we performed phenological studies mimicking annual temperature and photoperiod and we identified a MADS box gene involve in the reactivation of growth in ecodormant trees. This gene shows a specific temporal expression pattern and increase its expression in early spring as many growth promoting genes. Moreover, we conclude with chilling and no chilling assays, that its activation is completely dependent on a cold season, and to regulate growth it is able to transcriptionally repress gibberellin deactivation genes. Summary, its presence in early spring is necessary to the reactivation of growth after winter, mediating one of the main growth regulating pathways.

Figure. (A and B) MADS12 overexpression promotes early bud break of ecodormant poplars. Bud break scoring of hybrid poplar
MADS12 overexpressing OE3 and OE5 lines and wild type after transferring to LD and 22ºC conditions without chilling treatment. (C)
GA2ox4 is downregulated in MADS12 overexpressing lines during bud dormancy release. qRT-PCR analysis of FT1, GA2ox3, GA2ox4,
and GA2ox5 genes in ecodormant MADS12 overexpressing OE3 and OE5 and wild-type (WT) apices collected after 5 days in long
day (LD) and 22ºC treatment. (D) Schematic representation of MADS12 and GA2ox4 antagonist expression pattern during bud
dormancy release

Original Paper:

Gómez-Soto, D., Ramos-Sánchez, J.M., Alique, D., Conde, D., Triozzi, P.M., Perales, M., Allona, I. 2021. Overexpression of a SOC1-Related Gene Promotes Bud Break in Ecodormant Poplars. Frontiers in Plant Science 12. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2021.670497

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