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Expression of HKT1 and AKT1 genes correlates with the tolerance to salinity of strawberry

Soil salinity is one of the major factors affecting agriculture. Plants control the homeostasis of sodium and potassium through different transporters. The present work reports the cloning and characterization of genes from strawberry coding for transporters of Na+ and K+. In addition, the relationship of these genes with the responses of three different strawberry genotypes with different ecological adaptations to salt stress was determined. Two of these genotypes are native strawberry species from Chile.

Original Paper:

Garriga, M; Raddatz, N; Véry, A-A; Sentenac, H; Rubio-Meléndez, ME; González, W; Dreyer, I. 2017. "Cloning and functional characterization of HKT1 and AKT1 genes of Fragaria spp. − relationship to plant response to salt stress". Journal of Plant Physiology. DOI: 10.1016/j.jplph.2016.12.007".

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