CBGP (UPM-INIA) offers 10 doctoral projects funded by La Caixa INPhINIT Incoming Programme

la Caixa” Banking Foundation, which firmly believes that scientific progress, research, mobility and professional qualification are key to the development of society is launching a doctoral fellowship program".


INPhINIT Incoming Fellowships are dedicated and offered to early-stage researchers of any nationality to pursue their PhD studies in research centers accredited with the Spanish Seal of Excellence Severo Ochoa, María de Maeztu or Health Institute Carlos III and Portuguese units participating in the program.

The Incoming fellowships are offered to 35 researchers for a maximum duration of 3 years. Candidates cannot have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain for more than twelve months in the three years immediately prior to the deadline for application. Besides financial support, the program includes a training programme on transversal skills aiming in widening the chances for personal development, not only in academia, but also in industry.


The deadline for the application is 4 February 2021 at 2:00 p.m. (mainland Spain time). 


The CBGP (UPM-INIA), accredited Centre of Excellence Severo Ochoa offers 10 possible doctoral projects. Click on the project title to read the full description.

  1. Project title: Deciphering the potential of epigenetics in the adaptation to warmer temperature of crop yield-related traits

    PI: José Antonio Jarillo Quiroga and Manuel Angel Piñeiro Galvín

  2. Project title: Effect of climate change in root-associated microbiome and plant nutrition

    PI: Juan Carlos del Pozo Benito

  3. Project title: SWEETMUNITY: Deciphering the structural and molecular bases of glycans perception by the innate immune systems of plants and mammals: from glycans recognition to applications for specific modulation of immune responses

    PI: Antonio Molina Fernández

  4. Project title: Elucidating the signal perception and integration mechanisms that orchestrate plant growth repression in plants under abiotic stress

    PI: Stephan Pollmann

  5. Project title: Fighting disease with metals: Role of copper and zinc in plant innate immunity

    PI: Manuel González-Guerrero

  6. Project title: Prediction of Zymoseptoria tritici disease by modelling fungi-wheat genomics interaction

    PI: Julio Isidro y Sánchez and Andrea Sánchez Vallet

  7. Project title: Embedding FAIR Data Principles into researchers' daily activities

    PI: Mark Wilkinson

  8. Project title: Sustainability in viticulture: from genetics to agroecological approach (SUSVIT)

    PI: Rosa Adela Arroyo García

  9. Project title: Towards a greener economy: Analyzing gibberellin pathway components at the molecular level to improve the sustainability and ecological impact of tree biomass production

    PI: Luis Oñate-Sánchez

  10. Project title: Uncovering key proteins for plant adaptation to moderate increases of temperature associated to climate change

    PI: Mar Castellano Moreno

How to apply?

Candidates must apply using the online application platform available in the “Fellowships” section on the ”la Caixa” Foundation website by selecting “CBGP-UPM-INIA - Centro de Biología y Genómica de Plantas” in the research centre field and choosing one of the CBGP projects.

It is highly advisable to contact first the PI of the desired project.

Click here for more information. Do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case of any questions.


The Centre for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology (CBGP) is a joint research institute UPM / INIA whose mission is to carry out fundamental and strategic research in plant science and associated microorganisms. In particular, research lines are focused on the study of plant development, their nutritional mechanisms and their interaction with the environment. The knowledge acquired is used to address the main problems of agriculture and forestry today, as well as to develop new technological solutions.

CBGP was created with a double goal: to carry out the most advanced research aimed at understanding plant function, and to contribute to fulfil the needs of the economic agents within the agriculture, forestry and environment productive sectors that are potential users of this research. CBGP also seeks to have an educational role and strives to become a reference centre for training of both scientists and technicians in the fields of plant biotechnology and genomics, an area not fully developed in Spain at present. The CBGP (UPM-INIA) has been recognized by the Spanish Research Agency as a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence, the highest institutional recognition of excellence in scientific research in Spain.



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