Papers 2021

July 2021
Industrially produced plant-made SARS-CoV-2 N protein shows its suitability for serological diagnosis of COVID-19 - Frontiers in Plant Science
Disentangling transcriptional responses in plant defense against arthropod herbivores - Scientific Reports
Analysis of the responses to nitrogen limitation in tomato: New strategies for sustainable agriculture  - Agronomy
Tolerance to aluminum: from model plant to crop - Plant Science
Cell populations synchronized through plant hormones - Nature Communications
A chromatin switch attenuates abiotic stress responses during the floral transition   - Plant Physiology
June 2021
Non-specific lipid-transfer proteins: Allergen structure and function, cross-reactivity, sensitization, and epidemiology - Clinical and Translational Allergy
Identification and functional analysis of MADS12, a gene involve in the reactivation of growth after winter in trees - Frontiers in Plant Science
The best attack does not always start by a good defense: Higher plant tolerance/resistance may be an evolutionary advantage for viruses - New Phytologist
Integration of Single-cell Omics with Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction maximizes dissection of molecular processes - Frontiers in Plant Science
Single-cell disection of Lateral Root ontogeny - Molecular Plant
May 2021
The ligands transported by allergenic Lipid Transfer Proteins (LTPs) mimic human inflammatory mediators - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
Electron density in biomacromolecules obtained through Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning - Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Characterization of the wider collection of mycoviruses infecting the fungus Botrytis cinerea for its use as biocontrol agents - mBio
TrainSel: An R Package for Selection of Training Populations - Frontiers in Genetics
The wall that protects plants from the effects of virus infection - Microorganisms
Identified a new function of CERES in plant defense against potyviruses - The Plant Journal
April 2021
FeMo-co biosynthesis secret unveiled - Chemical Science
Proteome Analysis Reveals a Significant Host-Specific Response in Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae Endosymbiotic Cells - Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
Genotype by Environment Interaction Analysis of Agronomic Spring Barley Traits in Iceland Using AMMI, Factorial Regression Model and Linear Mixed Model - Agronomy
Computational predictions of receptor proteins-glycans interactions triggering plant immunity - The Plant Journal
A peptide transporter participates in nodule metal homeostasis - Plant, Cell & Environment
March 2021
The bacteria Pseudomonas putida presents a highly precise intracellular organisation - mBio
Old genetic resources and new genomic tools for a resilient agriculture - Frontiers in Plant Science
Mixed infections alter transmission potential in a fungal plant pathogen - Environmental Microbiology
The diagnosis and management of allergic reactions in patients sensitized to non-specific Lipid Transfer Proteins - Allergy
February 2021
Excessive accumulation of the auxin precursor IAM hampers embry devepment in Arabidopsis - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Development of synthetic biology tools for the expression of recombinant proteins in rice plastids - Frontiers in Plant Science
Biosynthesis of cofactor activatable iron-only  nitrogenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Microbial Biotechnology
Mixed‐linked β‐1,3/1,4‐glucans derived from the cell walls of microorganisms and plants trigger disease resistance responses in plants - The Plant Journal
January 2021
Soybean Yellow Stripe-like 7 is a symbiosome membrane peptide transporter important for nitrogen fixation - Plant Physiology
Sweet Immunity: plant cell wall is a dynamic structure determining plant disease resistance to pathogens and fitness - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Repression of barley cathepsins, HvPap-19 and HvPap-1, differentially alters grain composition and delays germination - Journal of Experimental Botany
Are Physicochemical Properties Shaping the Allergenic Potency of Animal Allergens? - Clinical Reviews in Allergy & Immunology
The price of the induced defence against pests: a meta-analysis - Frontiers in Plant Science
Genomes of the “Candidatus Actinomarinales” Order: Highly Streamlined Marine Epipelagic Actinobacteria - mSystems
Standardising gene circuit design  - ACS Synthetic Biology
Improving gene circuit design by considering host-circuit interactions - Nature Communications
Exploiting gene diversity to identify superior nitrogenase reductase variants to engineer nitrogen fixing plants - Communications Biology
How plants keep track of time to develop - Science Advances
Plant viral nanoparticles as important components in tissue bioengineering - Biofabrication
Nitric Oxide, an essential intermediate in the plant-herbivore interaction  - Frontiers in Plant Science
How do plants build on their favorite nutrient? - The EMBO Journal


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