Papers 2020

December 2020
Computational predictions of receptor proteins-glycans interactions triggering plant immunity - The Plant Journal
The search for individual interest leads to the emergence of efficient but unequal socioeconomic networks. - Physical Review Research
Democratizing precision farming through prediction of the soil microbiome from environmental features - Bioinformatics
The reason why European potatoes are not drought tolerant discovered - The Plant Journal
Signaling for "the holes" in the cell wall through where lateral roots will emerge - Science
Production of hydrogen peroxide by the plant contributes to limit a virus infection - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Discovery of a new strategy to improve Nitrogen use efficiency in crops - Frontiers in Plant Science
Unraveling the role of HOP as a central hub in response to stress in plants - Frontiers in Plant Science
November 2020
Designing protein dimerization for programming genetic circuits - Journal of The Royal Society Interface
Population genomics and the ecology and evolution of plant virus emergence  - Phytopathology®
Histone demethylases as counterbalance to epigenetic silencing in plants - iScience
October 2020
Comparative transcriptomics reveals hidden issues in the plant/pest interaction  - Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
CBGP researchers disclose a novel nexus involved in balancing growth with plant stress responses    - Journal of Experimental Botany
Chromatin dynamics contribute to the spatio-temporal expression pattern of virulence genes in a fungal plant pathogen  - mBio
From the lab to the field: the fungal endophyte Colletotrichum tofieldae increases yield of tomato and maize crops - Agronomy
CBGP researchers discover a novel group of plant cell wall-derived elicitors - Frontiers in Plant Science
Plant Allergens research group develops a new system for food allergy diagnosis - Biosensors and Bioelectronic
Blue light perception by epiphytic Pseudomonas syringae drives chemoreceptor expression enabling efficient plant infection  - Molecular Plant Pathology
Described a new plant immunity pathway in tomato that confers enhanced resistance against the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae - Frontiers in Plant Science
Computational design of multicellular consortia  - ACS synthetic biology
September 2020
2020 taxonomic update for phylum Negarnaviricota (Riboviria: Orthornavirae), including the large orders Bunyavirales and Mononegavirales - Archives of Virology
Editorial: Origins and Domestication of the Grape - Frontiers in Plant Science
Are Physicochemical Properties Shaping the Allergenic Potency of Plant Allergens? - Clinical Reviews in Allergy & Immunology
MYB28 AND MYB29 shape ammonium stress responses by regulating Fe homeostasis - New Phytologist
MtCOPT2 is a mycorrhiza-specific copper transporter - Mycorrhiza
Which genes determine fungal life-style in the interaction with plants? - Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions®
August 2020
Precision transcriptomics of viral foci reveals the spatial regulation of immune‐signaling genes and identifies RBOHD as an important player in the incompatible interaction between potato virus Y and potato - The Plant Journal
Electron density in biomacromolecules described through machine learning - Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Dsup, a protein unique to tardigrades, protects DNA from radiation: How does it do it? - Scientific Reports
Metal nicotianamine transporter MtYSL3 delivers iron and zinc for nitrogen fixation - Journal of Experimental Botany
Novel method to select silenced lines in model moss P. patens - Plant Physiology
Saving time maintaining reliability: a new method for quantification of Tetranychus urticae damage in Arabidopsis whole rosettes - BMC Plant Biology
Combining Partially Overlapping Multi-Omics Data in Databases Using Relationship Matrices - Frontiers in Plant Science
Analysis of tomato Responses to Sulfur Limitation - BMC Plant Biology
How virus infections alter plant developmental traits. A case study of flower stalk elongation - Molecular Plant Pathology
July 2020
Cow’s milk protein β-lactoglobulin confers resilience against allergy by targeting complexed iron into immune cells - Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Host Range Determinants of Pseudomonas savastanoi Pathovars of Woody Hosts Revealed by Comparative Genomics and Cross-Pathogenicity Tests - Frontiers in Plant Science
Ecological fitting is the forerunner to diversification in a plant virus with broad host range - Journal of Evolutionary Biology
June 2020
The stoichiometric state of the SHR-SCR complex as a modulator of divisions of the root stem cell niche - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
SlCDF4 as a new key factor controlling tomato size and composition  - Scientific Reports
Genome-wide association mapping of Fusarium langsethiae infection and mycotoxin accumulation in oat (Avena sativa L.) - The Plant Genome
Classifying the certainty of scholarly text - PeerJ
Determination of the domains of Turnip mosaic virus coat protein indispensable for the formation of the viral particle - Viruses
How roots of crops adapt to climate change?  - Frontiers in Plant Science
Why do grass pollen patients suffer from asthma exarcerbation in autumn? - Allergy
Atomic structure of the most critical protein for global nitrogen fixation determined - Journal of the American Chemical Society
Structural and functional analysis of the PII nitrogen sensor in maritime pine - Frontiers in Plant Science
The regulation of germination: an updated guide for researchers - Plants
May 2020
Seed dormancy and chemical modifications of nucleic acids - Plants
Fungal Endophytes Enhance the Photoprotective Mechanisms and Photochemical Efficiency in the Antarctic Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. Exposed to UV-B Radiation - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Tolerance: A key plant defense against pathogens - Annual Review of Phytopathology
Trade-offs between host tolerances to different pathogens in plant–virus interactions - Virus Evolution
A seven-membered cell wall related transglycosylase gene family in Aspergillus niger is relevant for cell wall integrity in cell wall mutants with reduced α-glucan or galactomannan - The Cell Surface
Taxonomic and functional analysis of soil microbial communities in a mining site across a metal(loid) contamination gradient - European Journal of Soil Science
Identified a transporter that delivers iron to symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in root nodules  - New Phytologist
A programming language for the design of synthetic biological circuits  - ACS Synthetic Biology
The Quest for Orthologs benchmark service and consensus calls in 2020 - Nucleic Acids Research
April 2020
The standardization of synthetic biological systems - EMBO reports
Botourmiaviridae: a new family of viruses - Journal of General Virology
Game-Theoretical Modeling of Interviral Conflicts Mediated by Mini-CRISPR Arrays - Frontiers in Microbiology
Progress toward the isolation of "hidden" cell populations of dark-growing organs - Plants
Plant defences against Tetranychus urticae: mind the gaps - Plants
Computational analyses unveil key amino acids of lipid antigen-presenting proteins in the initial stages of allergen recognition  - Biomolecules
Chitin triggers calcium-mediated immune response in model moss P. patens - Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
March 2020
Structural clues for unraveling the first stage of lipid-antigen presentation in immune responses to allergies  - Scientific Reports
Insights into the function of the new chromatin remodeling complex in plants  - Frontiers in Plant Science
Discovery of Pru p 9, a new allergen from peach tree pollen elliciting respirato - PLOS ONE
Root-knot nematodes induce gall formation by recruiting developmental pathways of post-embryonic organogenesis and regeneration to promote transient pluripotency - New Phytologist
Plant viral nanoparticles functionalized for antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities  - ACS Applied Bio Materials
Pathogen emergence: virus infections cannot be isolated from their environment - Nature Ecology & Evolution
Crosstalk of auxin and brassinosteroid pathways through intracellular auxin transpor - Current Biology
The poly(A) site selection and the salicylic acid signaling modulate the responses to low nitrogen availability - Plants
New functions of CDF factors in the regulation of plant growth and metabolism  - Journal of Experimental Botany
February 2020
CBGP researchers discover a gene that regulates plants’ disease resistance and cell wall composition - Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions®
Nicotianamine-enabled iron delivery for nitrogen fixation - Frontiers in Plant Science
The weakening of endosperm cell walls is mediated by mannanases secreted from the aleurone layer of germinating barley seeds  - Frontiers in Plant Science
Ecosystem biodiversity modulates plant virus incidence - Phytopathology™
Designing new molecular breeding tools for strategies of drought tolerance in Vicia - BMC Plant Biology
January 2020
Proof that chloroplasts can host active Nitrogenase   - Plant Biotechnology Journal
Moonlighting function of Phytochelatin synthase 1 in extracellular defense against fungal pathogens - Plant Physiology
Harnessing beneficial plant-fungus interactions to confront climate change effects  - Journal of Experimental Botany
proGenomes2: an improved database for accurate and consistent habitat, taxonomic and functional annotations of prokaryotic genome - Nucleic Acids Research
Biosynthesis of Nitrogenase Cofactors - Chemical Reviews
Biocontrol capabilities of the genus Serratia for sustainable agriculture: Enterobacteria with a unique secondary metabolism - Phytochemistry Reviews
Hydrogen recycling in root nodules improves nitrogen fixation in bean plants - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek


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