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- Monday, 18 November 2019

The adventure of knowledge. Why does the peach allergy?

Why does the peach allergy? Polytechnic University of Madrid. The University Responds.






- Friday, 15 November 2019

Cajamar AGRO Forum

Antonio Molina Fernández of the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics of Plants CBGP - UPM - INIA, talks about trends in research.







- Saturday, 12 October 2019

Factory of ideas

Visit of La 2 in its program "Factory of Ideas" to the facilities of the UPM to see the enormous progress and development they have.

Youtube CBGP






- Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Lab24 - Plant biotechnology

The agriculture of the future is already growing in the Center for Biotechnology and Plant Genomics, a mixed center of INIA and the Polytechnic University of Madrid that inaugurated these facilities ten years ago. His research focuses on plant biology, its interaction with the environment and the mechanisms that regulate plant nutrition. A Severo Ochoa centre of excellence at the forefront of agroforestry biotechnology. It is a report by Paz Cámara.





- Sunday, 21 July 2019

Interview in Onda Agraria of the researcher María A. Ayllón from the Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas UPM-INIA

The researcher of the Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas María A. Ayllón was interviewed by Pablo Rodríguez and Soledad de Juan in the Onda Agraria program. Dr. Ayllón has presented the European project "Viroplant" in which she participates. They have been talking about how the project started, the goals, the use of viruses as biological control agents, when they expect the first results and all the channels they are using to inform about the project. The interview will be broadcast on Sunday, July 21 from 6:00 to 7:00 h.

Onda Cero




- Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Radio program "Researchers for the World" on March 26

On the radio program "Researchers for the World" on March 26, we spoke with Dr. Antonio Molina. Director of the BCGP. Sustainable Development, Severe Ochoa Excellence, Genome, Genomics, Arabidopsis Thaliana and Brachypodium Distachyon, bacteria, fungi, areas in agricultural sciences, forestry, environmental and food, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ...





- Saturday, 09 March 2019

10th Anniversary of CBGP

On the special occasion of the 10th anniversary of CBGP(UPM-INIA), the institutional event commemorating the anniversary of the inauguration of CBGP facilities took place. The event was attended by prominent guests from the world of academia, science, business and government.

UPM Press Release

Fundación ANTAMA



An interview with CBGP Director in Onda Agraria (Onda Cero)



- Wednesday, 30 January 2019

CBGP researchers awarded with UPM prizes

The UPM celebrated the St Thomas Aquino´s day. During the ceremony two Group Leaders of the CBGP (UPM-INIA) were awarded with research prizes: Mark Wilkinson won the prize of the most cited UPM article and Luis Rubio won the prize of collaboration with private sector.

CBGP Press Release

UPM Press Release

Mark Wilkinson Biological Informatics Laboratory

Luis Rubio Biochemistry of Nitrogen Fixation Laboratory




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