Papers 2018

December 2018
IAA and JA gradients mutually control gravitropic growth in pine - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Trees to fight pollution - Advances in Botanical Research
Environmentally sensitive molecular switches drive poplar phenology - Frontiers in Plant Science
Co-infection organises non-random virus and host interactions - Phytopathology
Differential response of silencing HvIcy2 barley plants under biotic and abiotic stresses - BMC Plant Biology
The first formal data publication from CBGP - Scientific Data
November 2018
Polyamine and cell growth inhibition: blocking protein ubiquitylation and depletion of intracellular amino acids pool - FEBS Letters
Limitations to host-range expansion in plant viruses - Journal of Virology
Repression of some cysteine-proteases makes barley leaves more resistant to pest and pathogens - Journal of Experimental Botany
Transcriptional profiling of dendritic cells in a mouse model of food-antigen induced anaphylaxis reveals the upregulation of multiple immune-related pathways - Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Epigenetics in forest trees - Implications in a context of climate change - Advances in Botanical Research
TransFlow: New tool to assemble de novo transcriptomes in non-model organisms - BMC Bioinformatics
A new plant immunity regulator that controls the production of reactive oxygen species during disease resistance responses - Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
October 2018
Are methods of allergenic risk assessment suitable for application to novel foods? - Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
The defensive roles of rice diterpenoids - Plant Cell
Molecular characterization of grape varieties preserved in a Spanish germplasm bank - Journal of Grapevine Research
Berry color variation in grapevine as a source of diversity - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Molecular characterization of grape berry skin color reversion -  Journal of Berry Research
Connection between reticulum stress and transcription factors mechanisms of action - Plant Science
Different plant immunities share common regulatory mechanisms - New Phytologist
Next-generation sequencing for the characterization of plant genetic modifications - Springer Singapore, Singapore
A new saffron virus - Annals of Applied Biology
September 2018
A non-symbiont rhizobium in Spanish drylands - Systematic and Applied Microbiology
Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato exploits light signals to optimize virulence and colonization of leaves - Environmental Microbiology
MDPbiome: engineering microbiomes - Bioinformatics
A lipid transfer protein as a wheat allergen - Clinical & Experimental Allergy
A comment by members of the CBGP group ‘Biochemistry of nitrogen fixation’ about recent developments in the field using giant genes for nitrogenase engineering - PNAS
August 2018
Boron-deficiency highly-tolerant rapeseed cultivars - Frontiers in Plant Science
Modulation of auxin levels in pollen grains affects stamen development and anther dehiscence in Arabidopsis - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
A peptide receptor plays a role in the relation of a normal morphogenesis with cell wall integrity - Current Biology
Virulence and signalling mechanisms are regulated by the length of the 3' ends of mRNAs in the rice blast fungus - New Phytologist
July 2018
Tobamoviruses and virus evolution - Advances in Virus Research
Arabidopsis Kunitz Trypsin Inhibitors in Defence Against Spider Mites - Frontiers in Plant Science
Advances in Plant Metabolomics - Annual Plant Reviews online
A phylogenetic view of the diversity, evolution, and epidemiology of plant viruses - Infection, Genetics and Evolution
Identification of two auxin-regulated potassium transporters involved in seed maturation - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Surprising discovery of a role of terminators in the induction of transgene silencing - BMC Research Notes
New perspectives about photoperiodic regulation of shoot apical growth in poplar - Frontiers in Plant Science
Genetic diversity analysis of cultivated and wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) accessions around the Mediterranean basin and Central Asia - BMC Plant Biology
A component of the transcription machinery revealed as a new player in tomato pollen and anther development - Plant Journal
Zinc is required for legume nodule development - Frontiers in Plant Science
June 2018
Auxin methylation is required for differential growth in Arabidopsis - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
A complex network of ROS regulation is involved in the defence response of Arabidopsis against the two-spotted spider mite -  Scientific Reports
Metrics for quantitative evaluation of FAIR Data - Scientific Data
MtMOT1.2 is the transporter responsible for molybdate delivery to Medicago truncatula nodules - Plant, Cell & Environment
Screening arrayed libraries with DNA and protein baits to identify interacting proteins - Springer New York
A technique for the identification in vivo of the DNA-binding sites for proteins that regulate gene expression in plants - Springer New York
Potyvirus-derived nanoparticles for peptide presentation on their surface - Springer New York
May 2018
New non-symbiotic bacteria from the genus Neorhizobium - PeerJ
Identified a family of cochaperones involved in plant thermotolerance to high temperatures - Plant, Cell & Environment
Plant perception and short-term responses to phytophagous insects and mites - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Gene expression, in vitro activity assays and in silico molecular modeling help elucidate a key chemical transformation of compounds responsible for the organoleptic properties of saffron -  International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Two new symbiovars, able to nodulate hairy lupin, discovered in Tunisia - Systematic and Applied Microbiology
Nitrogenase maturation: More than meets the eye - Journal of Biological Chemistry
April 2018
Evaluating the coverage and (re)usability of genotype/phenotype data in independent, widely dispersed databases - Human Mutation
A combined study of plant transcriptomic responses and spider mite performance in barley doubly-stressed by dehydration and pest infestation - Frontiers in Plant Science
Ecological complexity and host range evolution - Advances in Virus Research
A new nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Bradyrhizobium algeriense, in retamas of Algeria - Systematic and Applied Microbiology
Fluorescent in vivo ROS and redox potential detection in plants - Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Plant responses to Sulphur deficiency: An insight from a meta-analysis reveals new regulators and modules related to the carbon and nitrogen responses - Frontiers in Plant Science
March 2018
Identified a mechanism of SWR1-C recruitment to target genes in Arabidopsis - Molecular Plant
Tolerance to plant pathogens - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Discovered a new plant immunity mechanism sharing regulatory elements with the stomata developmental pathway - New Phytologist
Anthocyanins and flavonols in wild grapes - Grapes and Wines
Omics of CDF transcription factors - High Throughput
Host factors influencing virus prevalence - The Royal Society
Sublingual immunotherapy for a peach allergen - Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
A non-host of a plant virus showing only apparent extreme resistance - Molecular Plant Pathology
February 2018
Double effect of the overexpression of a cystatin in barley: enhanced resistance against spider mites and changes in the transcriptome - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
The amazing regenerative plasticity of plants. How is a new organ regenerated after embryogenesis? - Plant Physiology
The genetic diversity of mammal reservoir host populations is a key factor in the emergence of rabies virus epidemics - Ecology Letters
Silencing barley cystatins HvCPI-2 and HvCPI-4 specifically modifies leaf responses to drought stress - Plant Cell Environ
Population Genomics of Plant Viruses - Springer International Publishing
Proteins implicated in trafficking of lipids in the human immune system provide clues on the sensitization phase of plant allergens - Molecules
A different evolution of virus populations in mono or double infections - Scientific Reports
The important role of cell wall in plant immunity - Plant Journal
A Phenotyping Method for Plant-Microbe interaction by Confocal Microscopy -  International Journal of Molecular Sciences
January 2018
Genomic diversity in  legume endosymbiotic bacteria - Genes
Loading of cow's milk allergen with the vitamin A metabolite retinoic acid may suppress the protein immunogenicity - Scientific Reports
Plant Viruses. Diversity, Interaction and Management. CRC Press - Viruses and Plant Development
A relevant role for a  glutathione transferase in plant innate immunity - Plant Physiology
Metal tolerance in endosymbiotic bacteria isolated from an ultramafic soil - FEMS Microbiology Letters
MtCOPT1 mediates copper uptake by nodule cells in legume Medicago truncatula - New Phytologist
A relevant role of cathepsins in stress-induced cell death during barley microspore embryogenesis - Journal of Experimental Botany
Plant growth promotion by inoculants derived from a sugarcane microbiome culture collection - Frontiers in Plant Science
The leek is also a host of onion yellow dwarf virus - Plant Disease


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