Papers 2012

The Kuhnian approach of scientific progress requires research assessment to be based on highly cited papers - PLoS One 
Elucidation of the functional role of hupf protein as a oxygen-protecting chaperone in hydrogenase synthesis - BMC Microbiology 
The role of secretion systems and small molecules in the induction of disease by soft-rot bacteria - Annu Rev. Phytopathol. 
Arabidopsis ABCB21 is a facultative auxin importer/exporter regulated by cytoplasmic auxin concentration - Plant Cell
OWL-DL Domain-Models as Abstract Workflows - Springer 
Analysis of a Multilevel Diagnosis Decision Support System and Its Implications: A Case Study - ComputationalMMM 
The gene pyramiding approach reduces the spider mite damage in plants and avoids it adaptability - PLoS One 
Dissecting arabidopsis Gb signal transduction on the protein surface - Plant Physiology
Effect of biodiversity changes in disease risk: exploring disease emergence in a plant-virus system - PLoS Pathog 
A new cathepsin F-like cysteine-peptidase highly regulated participates in barley grain protein mobilization - Journal of Experimental Botany
Spider mite proliferations of specific groups of peptidases are putatively related to its broad host feeding range - BMC Genomics 
Extending and encoding existing biological terminologies and datasets for use in the reasoned semantic web - JBiomedSem 
A bacterial protease supresses plant inmune responses - Cell. Microbiol
Molecular modelling in propeptide-peptidase interactions - PLoS One
C1A cysteine-proteases and their inhibitors in plants - Physiol Plantarum
Biotechnological approaches to sustainable pest control programs - Springer
Bioinformatics reveals coevolution between plant and arthropod genes - Springer
Genome-wide analysis of the response of dickeya dadantii 3937 to plant antimicrobial peptides - Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact
Histone H3 variants present a specific locatization over the plant genome - PNAS
Physionomics and metabolomics – two key approaches in herbical mode of action discovery - Pest. Manag. Sci
Signaling and Communication in Plants - SpringerLink
Lognocellulosic biomass yield enhancement - New Phytol
Metal transport across biomembranes: emerging models for a distinct chemistry - J. Biol. Chem
Vacuolar proton-pumps adjust to the conditions in which they are working - Biochem. J
Targeted-protein degradation is essential for the plant photoperiodic flowering response - Plant Cell
How plant potassium channels sense the environmental pH - Biochem. J
Genetic relationship between wild and cultivated grapevine in Spain - Mol. Ecol
Rice natural products are involved in allelopathy - New Phytol
Plants also have epigenetic regulation - Mol. Plant
Arabidopsis heterotrimeric G protein regulates cell wall defense and resistance to necrotrophic fungi - Mol. Plant
SPARQL Assist language-neutral query composer - BMCBioinformatics


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