Papers 2013

Nia ATPase mediates iron detoxification in legume nodules - Metallomics
Two different strains of the same virus induce different senescence degrees in the infected plant, mediated by salicylic acid - MolPlant-MicrobeInteract
Plant viral nanoparticles modified to increase specific peptide immune response and as antibody sensors in biological fluids - Journal of Biotechnology
In large parts of the world, aluminum in the soil is a problem for plant cultivation - The Plant Journal
Pseudomonas putida, a soil bacterium with an uncommon type II protein secretion system - Environmental Microbiology 
The study of two endomembrane K+ transporters in Physcomitrella patens reveals the complexity of ionic homeostasis - Plant Cell Physiology
PpHAK2, a K+ transporter of endoplasmic reticulum, is essential for the development of Physcomitrella patens in some stress conditions - Plant Cell Physiology 
Molecular characterization of a metal efflux system in endosymbiotic bacteria - AEM
Binding of ferric ligands to a protein in competition against iron acquisition by pathogenic bacteria: an In silico study - LMGM 
Virulence evolution of a plant virus that infects two different hosts - Evol Appl 
Iron distribution in Medicago truncatula nodules is related to its different functional zones - Metallomics 
Understanding plant defence responses against herbivore attacks: an essential first step towards the development of sustainable resistance against pests - Transgenic Research 
The Emergent Discipline of Health Web Science - JMIR 
Identification of plant defense against arsenic - Plant Cell
Conformational changes represent the rate-limiting step in the transport cycle of maize sucrose transporter1 - Plant Cell
Phylogenetic analyses reveal the origin and dispersion routes of the HIV-1B epidemic in The Caribbean and Central America - PLoS. One 
Phylogenetically distant barley legumains have a role in both seed and vegetative tissues - J Exp Bot 
Gene overlapping determines the adaptive capacity of RNA viruses - Mol Biol Evol 
The Genus Bradyrhizobiun - Ecology and Applications 
Phylogenetic evidence of the transfer of nodZ ADN nolL genes from Bradyrhizobium to other rhizobia - Mol.Phylogenet.Evol 
Arabidopsis thaliana bZIP44: a transcription factor affecting seed germination and expression of the mannanase encoding gene AtMAN7 - Plant J 
A relevant role for the cell-cycle regulated ASF1 proteins in repairing UV-induced DNA damage - Plant Physiol 
Potassium channels are essential for the nutrition of plants with the essential element K+ - Frontiers in Plant Science
The endophytic mycobiota of Arabidopsis thaliana - Fungal Diversity 
Roles of conserved basic amino acids in cyanobacterial nitrate reductases  - Biochemistry 
Landscape heterogeneity plays a key role in the interplay between plant viruses and their hosts - Mol. Ecol 
Construction of a marker system for the evaluation of competitiveness for legume nodulation in rhizobium strains - Microbiol Methods 
Genetic diversity of indigenous rhizobial symbionts of the Lupinus mariae-josephae endemism from alkaline-limed soils within its area of distribution in Eastern Spain - SystApplMicrobiol.  - SystApplMicrobiol 
The 3rd DBCLS BioHackathon: improving life science data integration with semantic Web technologies - JBiomedSem 
Poplar stems show opposite epigenetic patterns during winter dormancy and vegetative growth - Trees 
Ubiquitination in the control of photoperiodic flowering - Plant Sci 
TOPPL-Galaxy, a Galaxy tool for enhancing ontology exploitation as part of bioinformatics workflows - JBiomedSem