Papers 2016

December 2016
A new pepper potassium transporter - Frontiers in Plant Science
The evolution of a key family of transcription factors in the seeds of angiosperm plants -  Journal of Experimental Botany
Expression of HKT1 and AKT1 genes correlates with the tolerance to salinity of strawberry -  Journal of Plant Physiology
Relationship of infection symptoms and viral evolution - PLoS One
A modification of a plant cell death staining protocol avoids the use of a highly carcinogenic product for researchers - Bio-protocol
Understanding factors modulating the evolution of virus populations for efficient control strategies - PLoS One
A new approach for the generation and high-throughput detection of hydrogen-overproducing bacteria - Scientific Reports
A new mechanism proposed for plant defense against bacterial infections - Frontiers in Plant Science
November 2016
A new fungal virus - Archives of Virology
Very high sensitive quantification of salicylic acid - Springer
OBP4 regulates cell proliferation-and-differentiation balance and pluripotent cell formation - New Phytologist
Intestinal epithelial models and food allergy - Drug Discovery Today
How to Control Cell Boundaries: MYB36-peroxidases –ROS is the Answer - New Phytologist
October 2016
Bioinformatic tools and plant genomics - Current Genomics
A review of the role of phytocystatins as defence proteins against herbivorous pests - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
An infectious clone of a Turnip mosaic virus isolate belonging to a radish-infecting specialized strain - European Journal of Plant Pathology
September 2016
The discovery of a new mycovirus is the key to understand the origins of negative stranded RNA viruses - Virology
A fungal protein together with its ligand develop a strategy to infect plants - Scientific Reports
A novel diamagnetic 8 Fe cluster - Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Mo biochemistry for FeMo-co biosynthesis - Chemical Communications
Factors that diminish transgene expression and what can synthetic biology do to avoid them - Springer India
Wheat allergy in celiac children - Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Different forms of influence on the outcome of virus/plant interaction - New Phytologist
August 2016
Jasmonic acid-mediated protection against pests - Plant Signaling & Behavior
An important wild grape relic in Southwestern Iberian Peninsula - Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research
Reactive oxygen species have multiple faces - PLoS Genetics
The cost for a virus to overcome plant resistance - Journal of Virology
A new circuit controlling herbivore deterrence of etiolated plants - Frontiers in Plant Science
Evolutionary aspects of translation regulation during abiotic stress and development in plants - Springer International Publishing
Plant senescence and proteolysis: two processes with one destiny - Genetics and Molecular Biology
Incipient cultivation modulates the evolution of recessive resistance to virus infection in a wild plant -  PLoS Genetics
July 2016
Sugarcane hosts a rich and diverse fungal and bacterial microbiome with the potential to contribute to the crop’s sustainability - Scientific Reports
Computational tools for genomic studies in plants - Current Genomics
Plant-herbivore interactions: dissection of the cellular pattern of Tetranychus urticae feeding on host plant - Frontiers in Plant Science
In vivo redox potential and ROS fluorescent detection in plants - Methods
A comparative analysis of root uptake of sodium and potassium - Frontiers in Plant Science
Microbes’ role in plant transport of metals - Frontiers in Plant Science
June 2016
Vector population density determines plant virus evolution - Journal of General Virology
Major food allergens are found in amniotic fluid - Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
The Polymerase Epsilon sub-unit DPB2 is involved in DNA replication, cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response in Arabidopsis - Nucleic Acids Research
ERECTA and BAK1, two receptor-like kinases interact to regulate immune responses in Arabidopsis - Frontiers in Plant Science
Identification of nitrogenase cofactor biosynthetic precursors on NifB - Journal of the American Chemical Society
Flavonols regulate root light avoidance response and root growth - Plant Cell
May 2016
Amino acid sequence specificities in sodium transporters for salinity tolerance - Plant Physiology
The unique structure of snakin-1, a member of the GASA/Snakin superfamily - Angewandte Chemie International Edition
HvPap-1 C1A protease actively participates in barley proteolysis mediated by abiotic stresses - Journal of Experimental Botany
Diversity of  rhizobia  that nodulate the hairy lupine (Lupinus micranthus) in poor and dry soils of Algeria and Spain - Systematic and Applied Microbiology
The N-end rule pathway regulates the defense against a wide range of plant pathogens - Scientific Reports
Novel regulators of the Unfolded Protein Response in Arabidopsis - Frontiers in Plant Science
How to publish data that is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) - Frontiers in Plant Science
Plant nutritional status conditions its immune response to a beneficial fungus - Nature Communications
April 2016
Highly similar effectors of type III secretion system in Pseudomonas savastanoi might differentially interact with diverse plant targets - Molecular Plant Pathology
An immunological marker derived from a development using plant-derived nanoparticles, has been applied to the diagnosis of a liver disease - Disease Markers
First eukaryote expressing an active nitrogenase component - Nature Communications
Physiological and structural properties of a highly allergenic protein from a plant pahogenic fungus - Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
The role of RNA in fungal virulence - Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
Influence of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on food allergy - Clinical & Experimental Allergy
Immobilization of an industrial enzyme on nanonets derived from a plant virus - Frontiers in Plant Science
March 2016
Involvement of a lipoxigenase in foliar senescence - PNAS
Arabidopsis dna polymerase épsilon recruits components of polycomb repressor complex to mediate epigenetic gene silencing - Nucleic Acids Research
A new form of plant-microorganism symbiosis discovered at CBGP - Cell
The phospholipid- binding protein GEM is involved in abscisic acid signaling - Sci Rep
February 2016
The FAIR Principles herald more open, transparent, and reusable scientific data - Scientific Data
About the role of proteases in barley seed filling and germination - Plant Physiology
Biosafety of forest transgenic  trees - Springer Netherlands
Can we diagnose allergy to dried fruit and nuts in the Mediterranean area through microarrays? - JIACI
A molecular switch to adapt seeds to their developmental stage - Plant Physiology
January 2016
Exploring the mechanisms determining multiplicity of infection in plant viruses - Journal of Virology
MYB transcription factors mediate the pathogen-induced regulation of tryptophan metabolism - Molecular Plant
Virus infection is not always harmful to plants - Current Opinion in Virology
A method for the identification of DNA binding sites of Arabidopsis proteins that regulate gene expression - Journal of Visualized Experiments
NADPH oxidases expression pattern determines ROS production in the plant response to pathogen attack - Journal of Experimental Botany
A mycovirus more similar to the plant viruses that to the fungal viruses - Virology